The embodiment of shame
Sniedze Sofija Kāle, Art Historian
Dārta Hofmane. Uncomfortable
09.08.–02.09.2011. Cultural platform Nabaklab
Consumption, blood and history
Stella Pelše, Art Historian
Peeter Allik. I saw that
02.08.–04.09.2011. Bastejs Gallery
A place to think and a place to work
Laine Kristberga, Film and Art Historian
A conversation with the artist Laura Prikule
A microcosmos of creative energy
Elīna Dūce, Visual Arts Theorist
Art Festival Cēsis 2011
23.07.–14.08.2011. Cēsis
Logina’s constellation in the mists of myth
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Polemical thoughts on the legacy of Zenta Logina
Techno-Ecologies – inhabiting the deep technological spheres of everyday life
Eric Kluitenberg, Media Theorist
The festival of contemporary art ART IST KUKU NU UT in Tartu
Kati Ilves, Art Critic and Historian
15.09.–16.11.2011. Tartu
Latent cultural revolution at the VEF
Odrija Fišere, Art Historian
Stockholm Syndrome
Kaspars Groševs, Artist

Conversations about the "Golden Heritage" of Soviet Latvian art
Līva Raita, Student, Art Academy of Latvia
Book The Self: Personalities on the Road to Contemporary Art Soviet Latvia in the 1960s–1980s by compiler Helēna Demakova (Riga, 2011)
Is art "gossip… an flirtation"?
Vasīlijs Voronovs, Translator
Book Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics by Claire Bishop (Riga, 2011)
Events which didn’t happen
Kaspars Groševs, Artist