An incomprehensible feeling of distance: Jānis Murovskis
Iliana Veinberga, Art Critic
Jānis Murovskis. New Works
14.09.– 25.10.2010. Latvian Academy of Sciences
Harmonised cacophony
Sniedze Sofija Kāle, Art Historian
Heinz Hermann Jurczek. Improvisation on the Theme of Fall of Images
04.09.– 01.10.2010. Alma Gallery
Sleepless rogues
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Krišs Salmanis. Insomnia
04.09.–03.10.2010. kim?. Gallery VKN
Brekte’s challenge
Sniedze Sofija Kāle, Art Historian
Kristians Brekte. Riga Madonnas
25.10.–17.12.2010. Alma Gallery
Is it easy to be caught between “Sunday artists” and commercial kitsch?
Alise Tīfentāle, Art Historian
Rauma Biennale Balticum 2010 What’s up, Sea? – Contemporary Art of the Baltic Sea Region
12.06.–19.09.2010. Rauma Art Museum
What’s really going on here?
Pēteris Bankovskis, Art Critic
Contemporary Art Festival Survival Kit 2
The body as a political instrument and platform for art in the works of Tanja Ostojić
Laine Kristberga, Film and Art Historian
"I fight for my liberty"
Barbara Fässler, Artist
A conversation with Fabrice Gygi
Prozit! (she refused to send it)
Anda Kļaviņa, Art Critic
Humour and irony in the photography and life of Uldis Briedis during the Soviet period
The world of the Starn brothers
Elīna Ruka, Photographer
A conversation with Doug and Mike Starn
Dancing in my mind
Margarita Zieda, Theatre Critic

What is the true value of art?
Zane Oborenko, Visual Arts Theorist

An open-air minimalist happening
Stella Pelše, Art Historian
Collection of the Latvian Contemporary Art Museum: Juris Boiko. Spring Grindstone. 1987
Talsi District Museum
Una Sedleniece, Culture Theorist
The nature of creative ecstasy
Dace Lamberga, Art Historian
Book Biruta Baumane. Painting by Anda Treija (Riga, 2010)
Visible sound
Kaspars Groševs, Artist
Optofonica (Line, 2009)
Mark Fell – Attack on Silence (Line, 2008)