The Great Organ of Latvian Painting
Kristiāna Ābele, Art Historian
Edvards Grūbe. Paintings 1963–2010
05.02.–14.03.2010. The Latvian National Art Museum exhibition hall Arsenāls
Practice is more important than Theory
Alise Tīfentāle, Art Historian
Izstāde Exhibition Look How Nice!?
11.02.–14.03.2010. Creative workshop at the Latvian National Art Museum
Searching for truth in truth
Armands Zelčs, Artist
Katrīna Neiburga. In truth: work, family, love, God, children and musical performances
25.02.–27.03.2010. Latvian Railway History Museum
“I cannot deny myself”
Vilnis Vējš, Art Critic
A conversation with artist Dace Džeriņa
The million-dollar question, or a priceless conversation with artist Ilmārs Blumbergs
Līga Marcinkeviča, Artist
Zane Mellupe and “the invented person”
Jana Kukaine, Art Critic
Notes on the white margins of some project
Pēteris Bankovskis, Art Critic
The Universe has no sense of humour. Baltic art
Zane Onckule, Curator
The best Latvian director from Estonia
Mārtiņš Slišāns, Film Critic
Peeter Simm
It is actually about painting every day
Zane Oborenko, Visual Art Theorist
A conversation with Simon Rees
The Charm of Cinema Utopia
Stella Pelše, Art Historian
Collection of the projected Contemporary Art Museum:
Anta Pence, Dita Pence. Uphill to Mexico. Installation. 2001
Tukums Museum
Una Sedleniece, Culture Theorist
Collecting Contemporary Art
Zane Oborenko, Culture Theorist
A Sur-real Tale about a Cinema Forum which took Place in Riga
Mārtiņš Slišāns, Film Critic
Book Arsenāls: A History of some kind of iconoclasm by Augusts Sukuts and Kristīne Matīsa (Rīga, 2009)

The Worker, the Kolhoz Woman, a Granyonka and the Freedom Monument
Zane Balčus, Cinema Specialist
Film Versija Vera by Ilona Brūvere (2010)
Electricity and a Thousand Years
Kaspars Groševs, Artist
Jem Finer – Longplayer (2000 - 2999)
Christina Kubisch – Five Electrical Walks (2007)