Bice Curiger
The curator of the 54th International Art Exhibition ILLUMInations at the Venice Biennale
Perfect provocations and paradoxes
Stella Pelše, Art Historian
Artist Kristaps Ģelzis
Representing Estonia
Zane Oborenko, Culture Theorist
Conversation with the Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia Johannes Saar
A Woman Takes Little Space
Zane Oborenko, Culture Theorist
Conversation with the artist Liin Siib
A Conversation by the White Curtain
Eglė Juocevičiūtė, Jolanta Marcišauskytė-Jurašienė, Danutė Gambickaitė, Art Cirics and Curators
About the genesis of the Lithuanian exposition for the Venice Biennale 54th International Art Exhibition
Darius Mikšys. Behind the White Curtain
Virginija Januškevičiūtė. Curator

Ēriks Apaļais: The essence circulates constantly
Vilnis Vējš, Art Critic, Curator
E-correspondence between Vilnis Vējš and artist Ēriks Apaļais
Vaguely out of fashion or predicting the future? An investigation of the identity card, state of health and limits of contemporary sculpture
Barbara Fässler, Artist
Conversation with Marco Meneguzzo, curator of the exhibition La scultura Italiana del XXI secolo at the Fondazione Pomodoro in Milan
The principle of culture
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Children’s books of the publishing house Liels un mazs and the works of its illustrators
Shhh... but no miracle. The curtain gets stuck...
Līga Marcinkeviča, Artist
A conversation with Republic of Latvia Minister of Culture Sarmīte Ēlerte, which took place in the minister’s office at 5.30 pm on 26 April
Graceful wire netting
Stella Pelše, Art Historian
Collection of the Latvian Contemporary Art Museum: Kristaps Ģelzis. Three Graces. 1990
The New Monotony
Kaspars Groševs, Artist
Bērnu Rīts, Antireality, Jēkabs Nīmanis
18/12/2010, Eduards Smiļģis Theatre Museum, Riga