The Illness of Language
Jānis Taurens, Philosopher

A View of Latvian art education from the ruins of the Agora
Alise Tīfentāle, Art Historian

Sculptor in the maelstrom
Pēteris Bankovskis, Art Critic
Ivars Drulle. Based on True Stories
28.04.–10.06.2011. Alma Gallery
...and without friends as well?
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Diffuse observations at Kaspars Groševs’ exhibition
Kaspars Groševs. I/O. Without Enemies
15.05.–19.06.2011. Contemporary Art Centre kim?
The order of chaos
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Whirls of jumbled and organized thoughts
Darja Meļņikova. Dashing Lines and Forming Heaps
15.05.–19.06.2011. Contemporary Art Centre kim?
The Venice Biennale and its special curator
Laima Slava, Art Historian
177 days of running
Barbara Fässler, Artist
Reflections on the Venice Biennale 2011
First impressions on the Venice Biennale 2011
Point of interest
Anita Vanaga, Art Historian
Latvia at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011
Awkwardness and social paradigms in ethnographic observations
Laine Kristberga, Film and Art Historian
Conversation with video artists Julika Rudelius and Pilvi Takala
The galaxy of the No. 1 paintbrush
Aiga Dzalbe, Art Critic
A conversation with artist Anita Paegle