2007 Nr.2 (53)
The art of transition. The Walkyrie
Vita Matiss
So civilized, even back then. A magnet for the European aristocracy soon after its opening in 1844, the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich exuded refinement, luxury and discretion. Nestled in its private park, with a majestic view of Lake Zurich and the Swiss Alps, the hotel was a refuge for potentates and the otherwise mighty who wished to shield themselves from the brusque realities of the world of mere mortals. 
Normuns Brasliņš. All one single line
Irēna Bužinska
Neither the ideal, nor the positive image belongs to the discourse of contemporary art. Nevertheless, alongside the mainstream, there are trends in art that compellingly advocate classical-eternal ideals and values.
Simultaneous play or the miracle of Alvis Hermanis
Vilnis Vējš
There's no explanation for the miracle of Alvis Hermanis in the history of Latvian theatre.