Gints Gabrāns
Historically, Venice has justifiably been regarded as the birthplace of smooth crystal mirrors and this only seems natural because the city itself is reflected in the waters. In the 16th century the masters of Murano developed the technology of glass manufacturing to a standard of quality that has not been surpassed to this day. Anyone revealing the secret of glass manufacturing could face the death penalty.

The love of Louis XIV, the Sun King (1638-1715), for the beautiful almost ruined France when he bought Venetian mirrors in great quantity to decorate his palace at Versailles. To compare, at the time a 115 x 65 cm painting by Raphael cost 3000 lira but a mirror of the same size would have cost 38 000 lira. In order to save the state from bankruptcy, minister of finance Colbert sent agents to Murano to get the secret of glass making. The operation was successful. Two Venetian glass masters were brought to France, and Venice's 400 year-old monopoly on glass was at an end.

The mirror also has another history - esoteric, mystical and occult. Many stories and concrete descriptions survive of how mirrors interact with human consciousness, visions are called up that can relate equally to real events in the past, present and future as well as to visions in the most "subtle" of worlds. "And now there is no longer any difficulty in understanding the creation of images in mirrors and all smooth and bright surfaces. For from the communion of the internal and external fires, and again from the union of them and their numerous transformations when they meet in the mirror, all these appearances of necessity arise, when the fire from the face coalesces with the fire from the eye on the bright and smooth surface." (Plato, 428-347 B.C.) However, if these visions exist, then what is it and can a rational explanation be found for this phenomenon - the interaction of a mirror with human consciousness, by examining the property of a mirror, the ability to reflect light? When light is reflected from a smooth, shiny surface, such as a mirror or water, it becomes polarised.

Light is electromagnetic waves that consist of two components, an electric (E) and a magnetic (M) field whose vectors of potential are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of propagation. From the polarisation aspect, when light is reflected the E and M vectors of "natural" light become "raggedy". The E and M vectors become flattened in a kind of razor blade and are arranged each in their own plane, in other words - they become polarised. The effects of polarised light on living organisms had already been discovered by scientists in the XIX century. Modern day laboratory experiments have proved that polarised light affects cells, micro-organisms, the germination of seeds as well as human consciousness. I think many people have themselves felt the strange effects of the light of the full moon. Regardless of the fact that the light of the full moon is 6000 times weaker, it is nevertheless the same sunlight only reflected and therefore polarised. This brings to mind the many stories about the use of magic with a mirror when it is placed so that it reflects the full moon. When it is reflected in a mirror, the polarised light coming from the moon acquires double and hence even more powerful polarisation.

Nevertheless, the question remains of why the effects of the full moon do not disappear when one is isolated from the direct light of the moon because light (electromagnetic wave) does not pass through walls. What is this "secret component that can reach everywhere" and links such apparently different things as the brightness of the moon and human consciousness? It has to be a component that is tied to polarised light. There is a hypothesis proposed by Vitaly Pravdivtsev that the physiological and psychological effects associated with the light of the full moon are caused by the so-called torsion or spin fields. One of the properties of the radiation emitted by torsion fields is that they transmit information instantly unlimited by the speed of light (about 300 000 km/s) and that there is no natural material that can delay or prevent the radiation of these fields. Similarly, it has been proposed that the properties of these fields include the ability to influence the structure of space-time. Torsion fields specifically have been credited with the role of carrier of universal consciousness and thought. According to Anatoly Akimov, "Consciousness and Thinking and ultimately World Reason are not represented abstractly in a Physical Vacuum (Unified Field) but through a concrete physical substance - torsion fields as spin polarised states in a Physical Vacuum." Thus we know that direct moonlight as well as that specially reflected from mirrors affect the human psyche in a specific way and encourage entry into an altered state of consciousness. Poweful psychics and hypnotists exert an analogous influence. They are able to bring people into a state of trance, and this in essence is an altered state of consciousness.

Is there some common element in these processes? "When we say torsion fields are connected to parapsychological phenomena we are talking about a strictly proven fact: the fields generated by psychics are torsion fields. This fact has been confirmed by tens of experiments." (Anatoly Akimov) Therefore one of the sources of radiation of these fields is human and that permits us to speak of consciousness as a physical reality.
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