In Memoriam Normunds Naumanis
Ilya Kabakov. Labyrinthine thinking in a comunal flat
Laine Kristberga, Screen Media and Art Historian

Without regret. Without risk
Maija Rudovska, Art Critic, Curator

The stolen maiden: notes about the feminine in the discourse on nationalism
Jana Kukaine, Art critic
Review of Latvians. Myths and Contexts and Victory Park exhibitions at the Mūkusala Art Salon, 07.08–13.09.2014
Finding the good in a bad situation
Santa Mičule, Art critic
Review of Raids Kalniņš’ exhibition Disaster in the Village or Dinosaurs are Eating from the Graves at the Liepāja City Museum, 04.07–03.08.2014
Margrieta Dreiblate. Art as a party
Santa Mičule, Art critic

To become and be
Dita Birkenšteina, Art critic
Review of Chris Evans’ CLODS, Diplomatic Letters exhibition at The Gardens art space, Vilnius. 30.08.–01.10.2014
Gustavs Klucis. Complete catalogue of works in the Latvian National Museum of Art
Iveta Derkusova, Art historian
In two volumes: 420 and 324 pgs.; edited by Iveta Derkusova; designer Zane Ernštreite; published by the LNMA in collaboration with Neputns Publishing House, 2014.
Impressions of Paris (the international Exposition)
Gustavs Klucis, Artist