“Summer Art” tourism
Maija Rudovska, Art Critic, Curator

To be mortal and immortal at the same time
Sniedze Sofija Kāle, Art Historian
Ilmārs Blumbergs. I Won’t Die
16.08.–06.10.2013. Latvian National Museum of Art exhibition hall Arsenāls
The Central Market. 6 August 2013
Katrīna Teivāne-Korpa, Culture Theorist
A conversation with Māra Brašmane about her solo exhibition at Cultural Space / Canteen 371
Different connections at an exorcism seance
Jānis Borgs, Art Critic
Some quite private reflections on The Final Exhibition
Before the Wicked appears
Pēteris Bankovskis, Art Critic

Full immersion in the fantastic world of reality
Barbara Fässler, Artist
An interview with film-maker Yuri Ancarani
Metamorphoses of the freak in the works of Ingmārs Usas
Laine Kristberga, Screen Media and Art Historian

Ieva Kraukle. Free space for your memories
Santa Mičule, Art Academy of Latvia
Ieva Kraule. 11 out of 10
19.07.–04.08.2013. kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Raitis Hrolovičs
Santa Mičule, Art Academy of Latvia

Chris Sharp. August, 2013
Dita Birkenšteina, Student, Art Academy of Latvia

Performance art in Eastern Europe
Helēna Demakova, Art Historian

Pēteris Martinsons. The Little Light Lion. 2010